Over the course of my life, I have had a ecent amount of exposure to programming languages. What follows is a partial list of the programming languages I have dabbled in over time:

  • Visual Basic 6.
  • Visual Basic .NE
  • C#
  • C++
  • Jav
  • Python
  • ssembly Language using MASM

Despite completing a few programming projects in various languages, having a general grasp on the concepts of object-oriented programming, and understanding the great importance of computer science to the future of the world, I have been unable to become proficient in any one programming language. I believe this is due to a lack of focus.

In order to gain proficiency in powerful programming languages and focus my efforts, I have determined to focus future programming endeavors on C++ and Assembly Language using MASM. I have enough proficiency in Python to fulfill small programming needs as required, so I believe that any further programming efforts should be of the kind that will not only give me language proficiency but also teach me more about the manner in which computer systems operate at their basic levels. As I progress through this journey, this page will serve as a manner of documenting my successes and failures.

My long term goal in this area is to write a program in assembly language to encrypt and decrypt single files sing AES-256.

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