Weightlifting and fitness in general have been important facets of my life for a long time. In the past few years, my strength and form have greatly improved but I have not been good about logging my workouts and progress. While I do not need to publicly log every single workout, I will be updating this page with my progress and goals in order to keep myself accountable.

Current One Rep Max as of October 19, 2012:

  • Bench: 295 pounds
  • Squat: 290 pounds
  • Deadlift: 335 pounds
  • Overhead Press: 135 pounds
  • Snatch: 135 pounds

Goal One Rep Max:

  • Bench Press: 355 pounds
  • Squat: 365 pounds
  • Deadlift: 405 pounds
  • Overhead Press: 185 pounds
  • Snatch: 185 pounds

Current Workout, Starting 10/09/2012:

Day 1-Chest

            5/3/2/1 Flat barbell bench press

            6/4/4/2 Incline barbell bench press

            5/3/1 Dumbbell flat bench with drop sets

            3x5 Weighted dips

            3x6 Skullcrushers

Day 2-Snatch/Deadlift/Back


            6/5/4/2 Deadlift

            3x6 Pulley row

            2x8 dumbbell row

            3x6 Preacher curls

            3x6 Dumbbell curls


Day 3-Off

Day 4-Shoulders

            3xMax rep handstand pushups

            6/4/4/2 Overhead press

            3x5 Lat pulldowns

            3xMax rep weighted pullups

            3x6 dumbbell overhead press

            Grip work
Day 5-Clean and Jerk/Squats

            4x1 Clean and Jerk

            6/4/2/2/1 Squats

            3x5 Box squats

            3x8 Leg press